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New Debt Information

Please fill out the following form to register a new debt you wish us to collect. If you would rather fill out the form manually and post it to us, please click here for a PDF version.

Questions in bold are required in order to process the form.

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Who owes you money? An Individual or a Business? Complete one box only.
What Contact Details do you have?
What does this debt relate to? (For example, an unpaid invoice, personal loan etc.)
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What is the Balance Outstanding at today’s date? (Original Balance above less any payments you have received)
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  2. If you have received any payment towards this debt, provide details of the last payment you received. Leave Blank if you have not received any payment towards this debt.
IMPORTANT - If this debt is disputed in any way, please provide details.
  1. Please confirm you have formally advised your customer in writing or by email that this debt is being referred to a debt collection agency and that fees will be added.

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Once we receive this debt, we will contact you within 24 hours.

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